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Nigeria DDU/DDP Service

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Nigeria DDU/DDP Service:
Business Type: all kinds of international air transport, international express freight Tax included customs clearance,Tax included shipping cargo,,,
Clearance limitation: general air courier clearance 1-2 days, 2-3 days of sensitive cargo clearance, sea shipping clearance 7-15 days
Business Coverage: the whole territory of Nigeria, air freight, express delivery, customs clearance tax included services, maritime customs clearance tax included, Valet customs clearance, warehousing, distribution services, warehousing 7 days free,,,
Nigeria's largest city Lagos has a clearance branch that can provide international air transport to and from Nigeria for domestic and foreign customers, international express delivery, shipping warehouse, customs clearance, passport, green card extension, paying taxes and other services. International air courier service options are tax includedcustoms clearance, Common customs clearance, paying taxes and other services, Lagos urban areas can be delivered to the door.