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Advantage service:

☆ International Air Transport:

Hong Kong Air:Signed EK, UPS, BA, TG, SQ, PO, SU and other advantages airlines, Hong Kong shipping coreagent, safe and efficient. Andprovide bulk cargo charter flights, special cargo services.

Shenzhen Air: Continental Airport UPS, HU, CI, ZH, MU, CA airline, flights covering Southeast Asia, Western Europe, North America, Our company has the relevant customs clearance office can provides Shenzhen airportCommodity inspection, general trade import and export customsservices.

Guangzhou Air: We have Guangzhou FX, UPS Line economy general cargo services to provide one-stop customs clearance service.

Europe Air:You can arrange the pickup of bulky goods abroad, air cargo, mainland China, Hong Kong Airport import customs clearance, warehousing and distribution services.


☆ International Express:

Hong Kong FEDEX: EDEX courier agent, own accounts, fixed accommodation, safe, efficient.

Hong Kong DHL:DHL agent's account, safe, efficient, mainland China, Hong Kong sensitive goods, brand goods first choice, and also provide Hong Kong customs clearance, warehousing, logistics and distribution and other train services.

Hong Kong UPS:UPS agent account, aging protection, safe, efficient, some countries have special cargo services.

Macau FEDEX: An agent's own account, safe, efficient, cost-effective, some countries provide special cargo and large pieces of service.

Continental UPS:UPS contract agents, service support.


Our integration of a number of high-quality mainland FEDEX IE, fast speed IP services, TNT and the mainland EMS services deployed air courier services, and provides third-party clearance delivery service DHL continent.


☆United States and Canada, the Middle East, Asia HKE line:

US / Canada Line:Shenzhen Airport bulky general cargo, charter flights in Seattle and Chicago, and provides local customs clearance, warehousing and distribution services, collectmoney from the customer, pay taxes, record company inf in the customs system and other value-added services.

Middle East Line ARAMEX:safe, efficient, price concessions, provide some special cargo services.

Southeast Asia Line:safe, efficient, inexpensive, Matera area preferred logistics services.

Lagos Line:We provide the whole Nigeria airport, port customs clearance , warehousing and distribution services, but also can apply for a green card visa extension.


☆LCL ocean freight warehousing:

LCL:Shenzhen, Hong Kong company LCL service, customs agents service one-stop shipping service, low price and good service, aging stability.


☆Nigeria,Mainland, Hong Kong, US East, US West area,We can provide logistics, warehousing and distribution, customs clearance,Import and export trade services, Hong Kong warehouse 7 days rent-free, US airports 3-5 days rent-free.