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USA&Canada Line

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USA&Canada Line :
Services: the whole territory of the United States, eastern Canada and western regions
Transportation: USA&Canada Line has economy and fast speed this two service types.
Economic services as usual 6-8 days , low prices, thegeneral aviation transportation modes in the first process for large general cargo, non-urgent general economic line transport services. Economic price comparison fedex, ups expedited service, and L*W*H/ 6000. In addition to the heavy volume can go pallets, boxes and other large items with no extra charge.
Fast service aging 4-5 days, the price is high, the use of express way charter transport head drive this way for fragile items, courier to door transport services. Compare dhl, fedex fast speed, ups saver service, this line inexpensive 8-10 RMB / KG, Delivery and customs clearance is much faster, L*W*H/6000 the shipment charge volume billing obvious advantages, you can take trays, wooden packages big boxes and other large items at no extra charge.
Channel Advantage: We have the absolute advantage Handling FOB port and the port of arrival of all kinds of customs documents customs clearance, warehousing and distribution, corporate filing, the collection of taxes and other basic services, and at any time to follow up the shipment trajectory., destination and delivery personnel to maintain clearance contact, to avoid the loss of damaged goods, poor communication or poor clearance bounced result, delivery delays. Aging stability, and can be reserved in advance when the shipping season will not be a large area position timeout serious row positions, the safety of our customers do every vote cargo acceptance to personally sign for receipt message member feedback.
Note; To ensure your prescription, please inform in advance before shipping large cargo expedited sales personnel reserve positions, the rain season, the Spanish-American economic services to individual site needs a tray transport, cargo destination after takeoff clearance Our staff will contact customers to fill cargo clearance authorization That POA table (for the first time to been shipped by this line  Our customers will have the local customs filing fee business information (customer selfing), annual fee 80usd, if only as a one-time filing 18usd, recommended year-round limit the number of companies filing mode), then delivered before the payment of customs duties (such as prepaid imposes a fee), and then return to sign the receipt confirmation.
Charge Details: Customers only need to pay customs duties (filing fee from the customer to pay), as a result of incorrect information or destination of the customer does not meet some other force majeure causes additional taxes, then we will promptly and domestic and foreign customers to maintain communication, consultation deal with that.